Ihre Hautgesundheit

Our mission

Our mission - Your helthy skin

When we started our product research more than 25 years ago, we had a very clear picture of what efficient skin care should be like. Closely positioned to a medical approach, all our products have a clear objective: healthy skin. This understanding is based on three core principles which then and now characterise our product policy:

  1. We do not look at the skin as a surface to be beautified, but as the largest organ we have and which needs specific nutrients in order to be able to function correctly.
  2. We only use ingredients that are scientifically and/or medically proven to benefit the skin when applied to the skin.
  3. We refrain from using typical allergy triggers.

Getting older and looking young – this does not have to be a contradiction.

In cosmetics trends come and go, but science and medicine have understood one aspect for decades: skin needs vitamins in an adequate dose in order to be able to carry out its numerous repair and protection systems correctly, especially vitamin A. Healthy eating habits are not sufficient, as vitamins need about a week until they reach the cells and other cells feed on them on their way there.

The direct way via the skin surface is much faster and more efficient. Therefore, all products of our Performance Line contain high concentrations - close to those used medically - of the vitamins A,C,E and Beta-Carotene. Even the name of our company is derived from a highly effective form of vitamin A: retinyl palmitate.

Highly effective. Optimum comfort.

Our unique anti-aging concept works like clockwork. The ingredients used in the products are combined for optimal effectiveness in supporting the skin. They range from cleansing andtoning to day care and night care as well as specialised products. A pump vacuum dispenser releases only small amounts and protects sensitive substances from light and air. Energising violet glass adds extra power to the ingredients. retipalm derma cosmetic products are skin tolerant and

  • fragrance free
  • parabene free
  • free of animal extracts
  • free of colour ingredients
  • free of mineral oil

It goes without saying that our products have never been tested on animals.

We understand anti-aging as a protective measure for the skin that cannot be started soon enough. A holistic concept for all generations.

With best wishes for a future with healthy skin.

The Müller family